tiistai 12. maaliskuuta 2013

About payments:
We have redefined our payment terms to require that the payment needs
to be on our account on the due date. So please allow for the banking time delay.
This saves extra corresponding.

Although we have been in business only for a short time, there is repeat business already.
For a full length visit, we give a 5 % rebate for those coming again. So either week's stay
or long weekends qualify.

Some potential customers are soliciting an offer. It is fair to look for an even better or
cheaper place; we want to be fair and transparent to all visitors on our website. All prices
are published and no better deals are available. Particular care has been taken with regard
to off-season / daily pricing.

One more thing, no booking is accepted unless the reservation payment is on our account
by the time of arrival.


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