maanantai 7. tammikuuta 2013

Hello Valued Visitors and potential customers!

Villa Luotikka is introducing a blog in English to better communicate
with customers. This supplements the " News " section of the main page.

Our 2012 was a good beginning of the holiday accomodation.
We had domestic and  foreign customers. Almost all filled out our
our feedback forms. The message has been very positive indeed. We wish
to thank you for the positive words that you had to say.

We are hoping to receive further feedback as our aim is to continually
improve the customer recreational experience at Villa Luotikka.

On a customer wish ,we are adding a charcoal barbeque facility to the
grill hut. One is with gas, the other with electricity and now the
coal burning.

We are already receiving summer bookings in addition to the winter
bookings. July-August is becoming a bit crowded but june is still

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